Radiant Floor Heating Solutions

The best heating solutions for your home are the ones you don't even know exist. Radiant heating using hot water piped under the flooring provides unparalleled comfortable heat that uses less energy than forced air heating.

In floor hot water heating is also an excellent choice for those suffering from allergies as no air is forced throughout the house for heating purposes.

Radiant heating with a "hydronic" system provides heating into your home by circulating hot water from a boiler or water heater through tubes underneath or embedded within the flooring.

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Radiant hot water heating offers many solutions to suit your needs and lifestyle. Call G. Doran & Sons Plumbing and Heating to learn more about the many options available. Our installers are trained and certified in a variety of installation choices including:

  • Radiant in-joist and slab heating: This luxurious heating offers of unparalleled comfort, bringing a constant warmth to your home.
  • Hot water baseboard (hydronic) heating: An efficient choice aided by convection.

Curious about other options? Contact us to discuss options suited to your particular needs.


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