Annual Plumbing & Heating Maintenance Programs

Regular maintenance of gas-fired appliances, winterization of seasonal homes and hose bibs and of drainage and water systems can prevent and detect potential problems before they occur—which can prevent costly damages, time and stress.

Annual servicing of your gas-fired appliances (such as water heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, etc.), is of utmost importance to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, to keep your gas appliances operating at peak performance, and is recommended by your appliance manufacturers and by the BC Safety Authority and FortisBC.

Annual Maintenance Services Include:

  • Inspection of storm and perimeter drainage lines
  • Inspection of sewer lines
  • Inspection of pressure tanks and pump systems
  • Winterization of seasonal homes
  • Winterization of outside hose bibs
  • Renewal of ultraviolet filtration lamps
  • Inspection and service for gas-fired appliances

If you would like to discuss your water systems, gas appliances and an appropriate maintenance schedule, please contact us today.

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